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from the Past

Upon the South Cumberland Plateau in what is now the great state of  Tennessee, ancient peoples found shelter under overhanging clefts of  rock in the Fiery Gizzard Gulf. 

Another of the many beautiful falls along the Fiery Gizzard Creek.

It was here  that Grady Ward Partin played and worked during the days of his youth . Hours of  solitude and miles of exploration in those same deep woods filled his cup full of unique experiences from which he now drinks deeply.

Haynes Hole-where GW learned to swim while growing up.

Here, GW also gained a great appreciation of the beauty and harmony of Godís creation and a life-long interest in the ways of those who had inhabited these same forests thousands of years earlier. 

Majestic Foster Falls-part of the Fiery Gizzard Creek.

Today, GW draws upon those experiences from the past to combine work with play to create "Art from Ancient Arts."

Another favorite swimming hole at Sycamore Falls in the Fiery Gizzard Creek.

You are invited to tour the rest of this web site to see examples of GW's  flint knapping artistry.

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